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What is Inclusive Theatre?

Cotton Shed is based on the belief that everyone can thrive when everyone is included.
Theatre can so often seem off-limits to many people.


At Cotton Shed we aim to break down barriers between people, and create a place without labels and where differences do not divide.


We bring people together who would otherwise never meet anywhere but here.
Everyone is welcome.

Everyone is valued.

Everyone is included.


Together we can create something incredible whether this be in weekly sessions, at sharings or at full-scale productions.

Our goal is that if you come into any of our workshops, or watch any of our large-scale performances, then you will feel welcome, and recognise someone just like you in the room or on the stage.

Inclusion is behind everything we do and by creating a unique and inclusive environment, and incredible theatre that inspires, we aim to help build a more inclusive society.

We know that when everyone is included, amazing things happen.
Cotton Shed brings together young people from all social and economic backgrounds, cultures and abilities together to work creatively alongside each other, some of whom have been isolated and excluded from mainstream society.

We believe that every person who joins our company helps change the way that we work. We work to each individuals strengths and find a creative environment that will enable them to flourish.

We provide a safe and welcoming environment where confidence grows and have everyone has the opportunity to perform in large productions.
Cotton Shed wants to create a better world where everyone is welcome and everyone is included.

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