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Silver Shed

Silver Shed is a session for people living with

dementia, the elderly and their families and carers. 


These sessions focus on engaging participants through

music, performance, film and movement while offering a

friendly sociable environment.

When researching the possibility of Silver Shed, many

family members, staff from care homes and local

organisations such as Dementia Friendly Rossendale,

told Cotton Shed that there was a lack of activities and

entertainment for people with dementia and the elderly. 


This often leads to a feeling of loneliness and isolation. 



At Silver Shed sessions, we include drama, performance, songs and music, old film footage, interactive games and exercises to enhance the mood of participants. These sessions also give people the opportunity to talk, reminisce and have fun.

Silver Shed brings people together within these sessions with drama exercises that encourage teamwork and conversation.

The two practitioners leading the workshops get involved, assisting when needed and making sure carers and relatives of participants are engaged with all the activities encouraging stronger relationships to form.  

These sessions have already made a positive impact on the elderly in the community and feedback from participants have shown that it is making an improvement to their lives. Participants have been more active, can remember songs from previous sessions and have been more engaged with everyday activities. The sessions also reduce loneliness and isolation.  

If you are interested in hosting a Silver Shed Session in a care or residential home, please contact us here

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