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Cotton Shed

Due to a local lack of opportunities for disadvantaged people including those with additional needs and/or a disability, Cotton Shed’s weekly theatre sessions are incredibly beneficial for children, young people and adults in the community. 

Our 4 weekly sessions bring together people from various backgrounds with varying abilities. These sessions seek to breakdown social barriers and give everyone the opportunity to be creative and create outstanding theatre. 

We all have something to offer and Cotton Shed provides  a safe place that celebrates everyone’s unique talents and realises everyone’s aspirations.


Our weekly workshops aim to increase social inclusion and build strong relationships between participants, as they are encouraged to support each other and work together for a creative goal.


Performances are often devised with the participants having ownership of the themes, which are important to them and allow them to think creatively about important issues and how to resolve them. 

This allows our members to fulfil their potential creatively and encourages participants to deal with stress management, develop their imagination, make new friends and develop self-awareness and self-esteem while continually developing social skills while challenging discrimination. 

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