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Covid-19 Risk Assessment 2020 Cotton Shed Theatre Company

Sign and Rhyme Outdoors

Title: COVID-19 Sign and Rhyme Outdoors

Risk Assessor: Cath Eddisford

Date of Assessment: 03/03/2021


People involved in this assessment: Cath  Eddisford/Sammy Deas/Keith Lofthouse


Task/ Process: Assessment for outside sessions working around COVID-19

People at Risk: Employees, Members of the Public, Participants.




Hazard: Training 

Staff who are not fully aware and understanding of the procedures and arrangements we have put in place could compromise our arrangements and affect the health of others.


1. All staff will be made fully aware of the protocol relating to hygiene measures and have read the risk assessment.

2. All staff will be briefed on the content of this risk assessment and will sign to state they have read and understand the content.

3. All staff have been instructed on the requirement to inform management of any breaches of protocol as per the arrangements to protect staff and members of the public from COVID-19.

Hazard: Cleaning 

Inadequate cleaning & hygiene standards pose a risk of spreading infection by way of cross contamination from surfaces contaminated with coronavirus.


1.Rigorous cleaning procedures of equipment will be carried out by staff at Cotton Shed prior to the Sign and Rhyme outdoors taking place. Cotton Shed staff members will also carry out cleaning before and after sessions of high contact touch points such as gates, benches, gates used within the area.

2. Hand sanitizing will be encouraged for all participants before the session begins and at the end. If participants do not have their own, the Sign and Rhyme team will have this readily available and accessible to all.


Close contact between staff and members of the public, participants could result in a higher risk of COVID-19 transmission.



1. Processes will be in place to make sure social distancing remains in place for staff and participants at all times. All staff members and participants will be encouraged to maintain 2m distances throughout the sessions.

2. Queue management/Congregation- Participants will be asked to ensure they stay 2m apart when congregating around the performance area. All payments will be made online therefore nobody will handle cash. Registers will also be taken via phones from a 2-metre distance to stop any queuing.

3. Only 15 adult participants per session

4. Sessions booked in advance to limit numbers and crowd control.

5. Regular cleaning/sanitising will take place during the performance.

6. Touch points and equipment used in the performance area will be cleaned after use.

7. Only equipment that has been PAT tested can be used and with social distancing in place. The staff members will only use this.

8. Sessions have been reviewed. There will be no person to person contact during the workshops e.g. contact with puppets, this will ensure social distancing can be maintained through the workshop.


9. Crowding whilst during sessions will not be permitted.


 Risk of transmission between staff and participants creates a higher risk of infection.

1. Online payments.

2. Staff arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the start time to avoid contact.

3. Staff to keep up to date with government guidelines and local lockdown rules to ensure any participants attending from certain areas are not permitted in the sessions.


There are increased risks of COVID virus transmission during provision of first aid and CPR.


Staff will have an emergency first aid kit with them at all outdoor sessions.

1. First aid will continue as normal, with the following aspects to be used when needed: Gloves. Resus masks for emergency first aid are provided to all first aiders. Face masks for general first aid.

2. Where it is not possible to maintain a metre or more distance away from an individual, disposable gloves and a disposable plastic apron will be used.

3. Disposable gloves will be worn if physical contact is likely to be made with potentially contaminated areas or items.

4. The use of a facemask is recommended and additional use of disposable eye protection (such as face visor or goggles) should be risk assessed when there is an anticipated risk of contamination with splashes, droplets of blood or body fluids.

5. When using a facemask, users must know that the mask covers over the bridge of the nose and make sure the mask fits snugly under the chin, around or across any facial hair if present.

6. All first aiders were instructed to sanitise their hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol sanitiser before putting on and after taking off PPE.


Uninformed workforce and participants who are not fully aware and understanding of the procedures and arrangements could compromise our arrangements and affect the health of others.


1. Specific procedures and measures such as track and trace will are in place to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus. These are based on professional bodies and government guidance and instruction.

2. Every member of staff will be fully briefed to ensure that they are aware of the hazards and risks and understand the rules and procedures we have put in place.

3. We will share with our participants, by email and on our website the arrangements we have in place and how we would expect them to cooperate with our staff and arrangements whilst on site.

4. Staff will be advised that uniforms should be changed in between sessions and then washed daily and that staff should shower once they are home to help remove any potential contamination risk.

5. These requirements will be updated regularly to reflect any changes in the official advice and guidance.


Will lead to the spread of coronavirus infection among our staff and anyone they come into contact with.


1. The Government has set a framework to prevent the spread of the virus. We have developed procedures and arrangements to work within those rules and guidance.

2. Our arrangements and procedures are reviewed daily in the light of additional government guidance.

3. This risk assessment will be displayed on our website.







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